Some Facts about Cellucor C4 Extreme

 Some Facts about Cellucor C4 ExtremeThis is considered to be a third generation formula. Here C4 extreme is designed in a way that it powers your workout. In this highly competitive supplement market, this product has got a special place. This is a reliable and trusted product that is widely used by the athletes and body builders in getting the maximum outputs from the trainings. This product has few ingredients to raise your energy in workout sessions.

Cellucor C4 Extreme contains a nitrate compound fused with creatine in order to create Creatine Nitrate that is more water more soluble than the other derivatives. This is good for the absorption and this has no side effects that are mentioned along with the creatine supplementation. Few other ingredients are beta alanine, caffeine, B vitamins and arginine. The products are not overpowering and are clean after the usage. It doesn’t show any side effects like crashes and heart palpitations.

Bitter orange is the most effective thermogenic ingredient that helps in pre-workout and it is a stimulant. At times of workout sessions, these ingredients give more energy while acting with caffeine. One of the ingredients present in this product is Beta alanine. This helps in promoting the muscular endurance and it is a fatigue arrester. It helps in increasing the stamina and the energy level for the performance.

It has carbon fiber and is available in a trendy and cool package. Two scoops are usually enough. The manufacturing process of the product is usually too good and the product can be taken with faith and certainty.The flavors in which this product is available are fruit punch, green apple, and watermelon, orange and strawberry margarita. Almost all the flavors of this product are good.

The usage is so easy that you mix it using a spoon and a cup. This is usually a good intake for the athletes 30 to 15 minutes prior to the workout. The direction of usage is mixing 1or 2 scoops of powder with juice or water. Beginners are advised to start by taking 1 scoop. After following one scoop for a period, you can then increase the intake, after checking your health condition. The product has the minimum quantity of fats, carbs, and calories and so it is used in different diet specifications.

It is true that none of these products are needed, if you stay fit and exercise regularly and take a balanced diet and the required rest. Here is the list of side effects that are caused due to the intake of the C4 extreme.

Extreme Side Effects
Some of the dangerous effects of the intake of these supplements include Allergy, Headache, Vomiting and Nausea, Tingling of Skin and Tunnel Vision. There are also some other dangerous side effects which were reported as experienced by few people after the usage of this product and examination. This includes
Lack of sleep.

Thus the product, C4 cell core extreme is one of the best products ever to gain muscle mass.