What To Expect When You Have To Test Yourself For STDs

planned-parenthood-std-testingThe awareness about STD (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) should be taught to children, so that they do not contract it and later repent. The risk of contracting STD is more during the age 15 to 25. It is always best being aware of the complications of STDs. Get yourself screened regularly for STDs at a fast and reliable STD testing centre. If you are searching for a STD testing in the San Antonio area, internet is the best option. Just do you small bit of research and you will be able to find the best one. With the facts found in the popular site https://www.dhs.wisconsin.gov/std/index.htm we can see for ourselves from the data the increasing cases of STDs.

Why should you get yourself tested for STD or STI?

Well the main reason is the fact that symptoms start appearing after a very long time, so if you are sexually active, please get tested for STD at regular intervals. You might take a yearly test to rule out any complications later. There are new cases reported every year. From these we find that half of the people screened are under the age of 25. No matter if you indulge in anal, oral or vaginal sex get yourself screened at regular intervals. Many viruses such as Herpes and HPV can spread through skin contact also. Even a small cut in the mouth or genital areas can be the source of virus. Using of sex toys is also dangerous. If you indulge in unprotected sex or for that matter even condoms are not 100 percent safe nowadays, get yourself tested at a reliable STD testing centre.

Different types of STDs start to show symptoms only after a period of a week or in some cases months. If you indulge in unprotected sex or have sex with multiple partners, get yourself tested every time. If you happen to contract STD, it is better to disclose it to your partner and be careful not to pass it on to other people.

It is recommended to test for chlamydia for women under the age of 25, every year, because the symptoms are nil. Homosexual or heterosexual, get yourself tested for gonorrhoea, chlamydia and syphilis yearly once and always suggested to get tested once in three or six months if you have multiple partners or anonymous partners. Tests are conducted in the urethra and rectum or the mouth and throat for different types of sexually active people. A blood test is recommended for men who have had sex with men for Hepatitis B. It is better they get vaccinated for Hepatitis A and B.

Every person from the age of thirteen to sixty four should get themselves tested for HIV at least once in a lifetime, even if they indulge in safe sex. But the case is not the same for multiple sex partners. For them yearly screening for HIV is a must, so that they don’t pass on the virus to others.

These are some simple yet must reasons to get yourself tested at a reliable STD testing centre yearly once to rule out any contraction of STD. If detected earlier some cases of STD are fully curable.